Saturday, September 13, 2014

Never say never

It has been another surreal week in the Reyaverse, strangely hot and humid after a cool, dry summer. I've had the weirdest dreams, such as: I woke up with the thought in my head that I was compost made mostly of orange peels and leaves. I mean seriously - I dreamed that? I did. I'm certain I've never had any dream image as weird.

Fun to think about, though, as I've taken my walks and snapped my pictures. Hmmm. I'm certain the orange peels are related to my experience in Paris. When people ask, "How was your trip to Paris?" and are expecting a short answer, I say, "Enriching." It surely was. Now that enrichment is ready to be placed around the roots of something or another. What do I want to grow? What seed will I nurture, come spring? Fun to contemplate.

I also dreamed I was living in England, and so happy about it. I even dreamed I was driving a U.K. car. I can remember how cool it was to change gears with my left hand. England has been much on my mind. When I need diversion, what I tilt towards almost always these days are British TV dramas. I've watched all the Endeavors twice, most of the Morse series, and I love Foyle's War. I started reading Winston Churchill's History of the English Speaking People, a four volume set. I wonder if I'll make it all the way through? He was very thorough! I'm enjoying it, thinking if we're in for another long, cold winter, it will be just the thing to get me through.

The dreams about being in England make sense because I've been daydreaming about a trip to that green and pleasant land. I said I would never travel again after I returned from Paris, didn't I? Oh I am such a hypocrite. Yes.

I would love to see London and of course see Steve Reed, a blog friend since the Stone Age of blogging and "real life" friend for many years, as well as my shaman buddy Elizabeth, who I met when I taught witch camp in Somerset County. I'm itching to feel Hampstead Heath underfoot again. It is such an untamed place. I also want to get out of London, go south and see Avebury again, drink a pint inside the circle, meet and greet the stones and the Longbarrow. I'd also like to see the coast, and have even - am I nuts? - imagined taking the Eurostar to Paris for one day - with Steve or someone.

London and Paris - twins

Also I'm going back to the mountains in Oregon for Thanksgiving. In fact all surviving siblings will be there. It will be an epic gathering. So what was I saying about never traveling again?

It's a good thing I've developed the practice of not taking myself too seriously, otherwise I could get into a big self blaming thing right now about wanting to travel after proclaiming just the opposite. Better to laugh at myself (I am so funny!) and return to my daydreams, yes? Why not?

For heaven's sake.

Happy Saturday, y'all. Shalom.


  1. we all often say "I'll never do that again" but we don't seriously mean it. most of the time. under the right circumstances and conditions who knows what we might do again. anyway, saying 'never' pretty much assures that yah, you will.

  2. These trips of yours are purposeful. Maybe it is a different kind of travel when you are that focused.

    Last night I had vivid dreams. There was a horse, and a friend of my daughter, but the dream has faded beyond meaning, no longer vivid. Sure wish they would stick.

  3. Reya, you should DEFINITELY come to England! If you're dreaming about it, that means something, right? You can stay at our place. We have a spare room! (We'll need to buy an air mattress but I think we can manage that.) You can see the sights on the days I'm working and we can hang out when I'm free. I am always up for a trip on the Eurostar -- maybe even somewhere other than Paris! Let's expand our horizons! :)