Friday, October 24, 2014

Extreme 2014

Towards the end of the blood moon.

I remember on New Year's Day, wishing for a gentle year. That's all I wanted. Was it so much to ask?

2014 is not over yet, of course. Maybe the last quarter of the year will be gentle. May it be so? (she asked meekly)

I'm not complaining. 2014 has been a spectacular year in many ways. I went to Paris! I had a soul retrieval at the Eiffel Tower! I've had Mystical Experiences, Epiphanies, Revelations and Insights. And also I've made for myself a lot of seriously mundane space during which nothing that happened deserves to be capitalized.

So far, this has been a year of extremes. I like to delve deep into meaning, I like to spend time in contemplation. During years like 2014, there isn't time for all that before the next Big Thing occurs. The year has been like an intensive, an immersion course.

This year I've addressed a number of very deep, very old wounds. I didn't set out to do so, believe me! At age 61 my strategy is to let sleeping dogs lie as far as deep personal healing is concerned. I worked at it for decades before I realized I will never be able to address every one of my quirks, neuroses and wounds. For heaven's sake. I did what I could, which I believe is enough. Ten years on the couch, three decades of holistic healing ... I think I've fulfilled my lifetime quota of personal healing, don't you? I am content to leave well enough alone for the duration.

Ya know?

But the healing has come to me. Paris was one of the most healing experiences of my life. It was so uncomfortable! Likewise the High Holy Days just past. My goodness.

What happened the other day is that midday I suddenly had to lie down on the couch. I felt slightly dizzy - very unusual for me. In a slight doze, I sensed the spirit of my father apologizing to me. I accepted. It was deeply moving. Then suddenly I was wide awake, getting ready for clients. Whatever it was that happened, that I translated as the spirit of my father apologizing, was deeply healing. It went to the core of one big, ugly old scar.

After this Amazing Experience, I returned immediately to the completely mundane. Made an apple pie - really good - did all the laundry, paid a bill, put money in the bank. I'm working hard from now through the weekend, always a great thing. I love my work for so many reasons.

The teeter-totter of 2014 requires the extremes of mystical and mundane. All my years of practice are coming in handy this year. I am grateful.



  1. wow. an apology from your dad. my dad never apologized. ever. and while he turned into a fairly decent man after his stroke (it shook his self confidence to the core), there are things I would like to hear him apologize for.

  2. btw, my dad is also deceased and the few times I remember him visiting my dreams in the first years after he died, all I ever detected from him was disapproval. anyway, that's not what I meant to say. what I meant to say was, I love your header!