Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Origami Lifestyle

Life doesn't feel like a path or a road to me, well or not so well traveled. That image does not ring true in the Reyaverse. This existence seems nonlinear except in the realm of time. The shape and idea of walking labyrinths comes closer to describing what I've experienced in my 61 years as a part of the biosphere of the earth.

I just read an inspiring article about tidying as a dialogue with oneself. Here's a link to the article. Marie Condo is a superstar decluttering specialist in Japan. I love the way she thinks! Well worth a read.

One thing they mentioned in the article is the importance of folding in Japanese culture. It made me think about how, at least in the Reyaverse, life is an unfolding, refolding, and unfolding again. Sometimes the unfoldings lead to a dead end. At that point, we fold and fold some more. When we unfold again we're likely to find something completely different.

I'm reading an amazing book, They Called Me Mayer July, written by a man who grew up in a Polish shtletl, but moved to Canada in 1935. When he was 70, his daughters encouraged him to write about life in the shtetl. He taught himself to paint. His paintings are incredible. And the stories are fabulous. They remind me of the Yizkor memory book stories, gossipy and quirky. There is no sadness in the Mayer July stories, unlike the Yizkor books. He got out before the firestorm. He lived a completely different life than the people who stayed in Poland. It's a joyful book. Healing. I love it! I've also been listening to a lot of Chopin. It's a Polish theme unfolding at the chateau these days.

Fall is gorgeous in DC always, including this year. We've had great, perfect, Colorado weather. The leaves are slowly turning. Fall in DC is luxurious. I've been, you know, walking around, taking pictures, meeting friends for dinner, also working quite a bit, a great thing.

All of it is great. I was such a cynic when I was younger. These days I wake up grateful every day. Life is a precious unfolding and refolding. L'chaim!

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  1. Loved the article on organizing. Kind of weird to admit this once I read on how you can store plastic bags (if you re-use them for other things). You fold them ...in the same way as described in the article. I have to admit it was a game changer for me...who knew?...lol