Saturday, May 17, 2014

I like to talk

Shade pool.

Every now and then, I go on a one-day word fast. No writing, no talking, no reading. On days when I'm on a word fast, what I do is listen.

It's challenging for me since I believe I always have the perfect thing to say. Always. I do mean - ALWAYS. On word fast days it kills me that I can not add my clever two cents to any ongoing conversation. Astounding to me on those occasions is that the world keeps on turning, even without my witty opinions. I say nothing, and life goes on. Wow.

It can be challenging here in the U.S. where it's our custom to speak to strangers. Buying a coffee or some groceries, we are expected to chat a little bit. On word fast days, I always wonder if I'm perceived as rude for saying nothing. I always smile and make eye contact, but it feels awkward.

In Paris, I was on an intermittent word fast. It's no wonder that when I did come into contact with my friends there, I talked a blue streak. The rest of the week I said little more than, Une autre cafe creme, si vous plait. My head was full of thoughts, questions, observations, opinions. I wrote a lot, so it wasn't really a word fast, but it had the same cleansing effect.

It's dawning on me how medicinal it was to visit Paris. I squawked while there and for awhile after returning - also endlessly before I went - because it wasn't comfortable. But it was enriching. I learned. I got a soul bit back from the realms of light and I did great ancestor work. It was important.

My new/old friend, who has lived in Paris for 14 years, asked me last night if I'm having Paris aftershocks. I certainly am! Wow.

This is where, and almost at the moment when, 
my soul bit returned. You can see my soul bit coming down
 from the realms of light, right? I can see it for sure. 
I love it that it happened at the Eiffel tower. Sweet!

I have the day off. It's going to be beautiful. I'm going to take a nice walk down to the Botanic Gardens, see if the roses are blooming yet. I'll walk through Eastern Market where I will no doubt run into neighbors and friends, chat with strangers about the beauty of spring after last winter, that sort of thing. I love my life here where I can run my mouth whenever I want. I am very lucky.



  1. I have entertained that notion. a day of silence. haven't ever done it though. most days the only person I encounter to talk to is Marc and after 38 years we don't talk that much.

  2. I bet you don't need the word fast like I do, Ellen. Yack yack yack. My favorite thing.