Monday, May 19, 2014

Thumbs Up

One of my favorite astrologers posted about Mars going direct today. She spoke to the situation of feeling, since the beginning of this strange year, that there was no forwards motion. She talked about projects that could not be completed, about failures of all kinds. Of course I thought immediately of my fiascos - the birthday cake episode and the new glasses episode.

She also spoke of old patterns that had to be shed, karma that needed healing.

Paris was no fiasco and though at the time it did not feel like forward motion (more like spinning around in a circle, blindfolded, holding a donkey tail in one hand), the trip was healing at a level I don't remember ever experiencing before. Getting lost, rained on, feeling chilly and lonely, crying my eyes out in front of my aunt's apartment and the subsequent soul retrieval at the Eiffel Tower - even finding a thumbs up sculpture while with Steve - the trip was, all of it, a sacred drama of release, healing, promise and renewal. It was a pilgrimage. My goodness, it surely was. No wonder I thought about it for such a long time before I went. No wonder I yearned. No wonder I was reluctant to take it on. No wonder that when I returned I felt tapped out on every possible level. No wonder!

The cardinal grand cross was exact the day I flew across the ocean. A big square above, the slowly spinning vortex of the sandy basin underfoot. Is it any wonder I was so discombobulated? I did not think about the astrology of the moment when I planned the trip. I was only interested in coinciding with friends while I was there. But oh, the configurations above and below! Good lord. The timing was masterful. I wish I could claim it but it just unfolded that way. I am well guided.

I was uncomfortable, yes, but I didn't deflate, I didn't just sit in my hotel room, no. I got out there every day. I did my work.

Steve and I believe this could be the best selfie of all time.

I'm pretty spacious after all those releases. I will remain open to forward movement, but I intend to pay attention to which direction I'm headed. No big projects for awhile. Uh-uh. No. No thank you.


As I approached, I said "Please" very sincerely. He posed for me! When I finished taking pics, he flew into a tree. Or she. 

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  1. Ha! Thumbs up, indeed! That IS the best selfie ever.

    Sometimes it's hard to detect our own forward motion, but it's always happening. In fact, I think it's pretty much impossible to move in any other direction. Everything is forward, even if it sometimes seems backward, don't you think? The only alternative is not moving, which is no fun at all.