Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No place like it

Today is the day I really am normal again. I'm not bluffing this time, I actually do feel normal. The cold and terrible allergy outburst was cathartic. Something moved through me like a thunderstorm. I feel clean and grounded in the aftermath.

I'm no longer smelling Paris. My nose is full of the boggy, skanky, sweet clay smell of Washington DC. I am so grateful!

So now what? Well. I'm not going to pursue any big projects or dreams for the next little while. This summer I'm going to live my life (a life that is fabulous, may I say). I'm going to see clients and water the garden, cook, have friends over. I will take walks and take pictures, look at art. In the mornings sometimes I'll head down to the coffee shop to trade gossip at the table of good vibes. I'll drink beer and laugh on the back porch at John and Manuel's, also at Tom and Marian's.

On the super hot days, I'll go see a movie in the middle of the day, or hang out at the National Gallery of Art, or go bowling in Georgetown. I have friends who love baseball. This is the summer I'm going to go to the new ball park, at least once.

I look forward to taking my camera when I ride the big ole wheel at National Harbor. I'm going to sit on a blanket by my beloved Potomac, listen to the sound of the great tidal river lapping the riverbank.

What a great summer!

Will I travel? No, I will not. Unless someone dies, I'm not getting on an airplane for a good, long time. I hope to visit my friends who have the house in W. Virginia. I hope to spend a day or two at a beach house with other friends. Those trips involve a minor amount of time in a car. That, I can handle.

Hear ye, hear ye: I have completed my pilgrimage. I did excellent ancestor work in Paris. I felt there the briefness of life in this form and I grieved. I let go of many fantasies. I was a shaman at the Eiffel Tower and even was offered a Euro for my efforts. The work was good and now it is complete.

I'm enriched. My feet are on the ground here. What a long, strange trip it has been! Wow.

At U.S. Botanic Gardens.


  1. Reading this makes me wish we were neighbors so I could join you! I will be doing much the same, though my summer will also be busy with babysitting as well as gardening and walking and sitting by the pond. This is such a good-deep-breath-and-release post!