Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Get back to work, you.

Summertime and the livin' has been easy. So easy. What a summer. The weather has been great, my work schedule has been light, the streets have been empty. What a peaceful summer. I can't remember a summer this relaxed in a long, long time.

Of course all that will change after the big Labor Day weekend, coming right up. Every student who isn't already back at school will start in again, people will return from their holidays at the lakes, mountains, rivers and ocean beaches. Once the summer vacation stuff is back in the basement or attic, they will put on their suits and tilt into their work again.

When Congress goes back into session, I swear the ambient noise level across the entire city increases, as if there is a low-level static ongoing. It's like a huge underground turbine is switched on. I can feel the vibration and almost hear the low humdrum of the energy. My guess is I'm not the only one who can feel it.

I'm ready for the end of summer. Even a lovely, gentle summer, as this one has been, is not my favorite season. I have appreciated deeply the pleasures of this summer - and - I will bid it a fond farewell as soon as possible.

Some people live in the past. I live in the future. Onward and upwards.

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  1. We're already leaning into the fall. The weather is much cooler and we've had our three-day bank holiday weekend. Onward and upward, as you often say. :)