Thursday, August 7, 2014

In my cups

When the sheets come out of the dryer, I fold them and stack them in the closet.
There are no heart shaped items in the closet. Oh I love small miracles like this.

Beauty is curative. I took in a lot of beauty yesterday. Subsequently, I am much calmer. Thank you, God.

The pic above is of a sheet I put on the treatment table. I saw the heart, inadvertently folded into the sheet, just before my client arrived. What an encouraging sign for my client, a woman who has been through hell and high water. It didn't hurt me to notice this small miracle, either, considering how worked up I've been.

Later, I walked down to the National Gallery to look in particular at a medieval chalice. Here's a description of the cup. It is splendid and brought cheer to my anxious heart and mind. I saw it the other day but at the very end of a long wander through the galleries. I can only take in so much beauty at a time. I'd been staring at landscape paintings for almost an hour; by the time I saw the cup, I was overfull of visions. I couldn't take it in at that moment, even though the words, You have found the holy grail ran through my mind as I glanced at it. One should not turn one's back on the holy grail! So, I went back.

It's beautiful. The cup is carved from stone, was made around 100 B.C., maybe in Alexandria, Egypt. You can see the light shining through the stone in the top picture. A french abbott in the 12th century had his goldsmiths fashion the setting for the cup. My, my ... it is powerful, beautiful, and healing - and so old!

I'm sad no one drinks from this cup anymore. It's just there, in a plastic box. I would love to have a sip of wine from this cup. I surely would!

Hearts and cups; they're the same thing in the tarot. I believe some angel swooped in yesterday morning, applied a balm to my anxious heart, left a trace of it on the sheet, whispered in my ear, too, encouraged me to go take a few visual sips of that beautiful cup.

On my way home I walked through the Summerhouse on the grounds of the Capitol. The structure and the running water within generate a tremendous amount of healing energy.

Yes I get anxious, I always have. It's part of me. But it passes. And often I am guided in the direction of healing by mysterious ones who have my best interests at heart. Yesterday was a healing day. I am grateful!

The Summerhouse

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  1. I think I would so rather see just the original carved cup without the jeweled embellishments.