Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Path of Least Resistance

It has been a very quiet time in the Reyaverse of late. Once I calmed myself down - or - was calmed down by the heart and the chalice, I've not had a lot to write about. No news is good news!

The smoothest parts of 2014 so far have been the moments when I didn't try to accomplish anything significant. I have been seeing clients, cooking, walking, taking pictures, spending time with people I adore, running into neighbors and trading news, sleeping pretty well and having lots of dreams. This is the good life.

Summer in DC has been unlike anything I've ever experienced in my many years here. There have been a few hot days - not too hot, though, a few bad air days - but not too toxic. Mostly there has been abundant rain and cool, not too humid weather. We have had a Lake Tahoe summer in Washington DC. Will wonders never cease?

A spectacular summer, now drawing to a close. That's OK, too. I love fall!

One thing that has been on my mind is relationship, specifically how hard it is for me to figure out who my people are. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to mesh my energy with local spiritual communities last spring. I tried the very inclusive St. Mark's church, also went to the Hill Havurah seder, and briefly joined a group that meets to talk about God. None of these was a good fit. In fact when I sent the notice to the God group saying I didn't think it was a good fit for me, they couldn't wait to say BYE BYE GOOD LUCK. I think it was a relief for these nice Christian people to be rid of me and my heathen, shamanic ways. It kind of hurt my feelings, to be honest, but it was the right decision.

For now the local community of spirit idea has been placed once again on the back burner. It's OK.

Recently I was invited to join a group of massage therapists for happy hour. Oh man I am so not a happy hour kind of person. I sent out an email to the list of about 2 dozen people, fishing to see if any of them would like to meet to discuss the soul of healing, technique, and to share stories, seek support and feedback. I love being part of working groups. One person replied.

Alright. Never mind!

Next weekend I'm taking this class, about connecting with others. I will receive CEU credits for it, also I'm curious. When the words "life coach" show up anywhere I am cautious. That field is such a pyramid scheme! But if this class can help me tune my community antennae, that would be great. As the Mother Superior in the treatment room, I know exactly how to connect. I also have a wealth of good friends here and elsewhere with whom I can interact successfully, one to one. It's the group relationship I struggle with. I look forward to the class.

I'm going to take a long walk today, check out the chalice at the National Gallery. I will take pictures and seek refreshment. Tonight I'll cook a nice dinner and watch a movie.

The world is aflame but my personal life is smooth as silk. It's disconcerting and I am grateful!



  1. As you said, no news is good news! I'll be interested to hear how the class goes. I prefer one-on-one interaction to groups, as well, and spiritual communities can be especially hard. Sometimes I envy my ancestors, who simply were what they were (religiously) and made do. :)

  2. maybe the class will help but it could be that you just don't fit into 'groups'. I know I don't. Every attempt at that on my part has failed. I'm just not a joiner.