Sunday, March 9, 2014

The things you'll never know.

I'm a big fan of mystery. I like living in a universe in which I will never understand even a fraction of what goes on. If I could wrap my mind around everything, how boring would life be? It would be seriously flat and uninteresting.

Science - real science - as well as every spiritual path I know about, engages with mystery, dances with the questions large and small for which there are no set answers. Even in science, it is said that 99% of the known universe is composed of dark energy. In other words, even the most brilliant thinkers who have ever lived had/have no clue about most of what goes on. Even Neil de Grasse-Tyson doesn't know.

I like the questions. They invite me to wonder, one of my very favorite things.

All that said, I wonder what happened to the crow I saw before my last client today, standing around looked dazed in the next door neighbor's yard. He looked like he was limping and his head was ruffled. I watched him for awhile, wasn't sure if I should call someone or what I should do. Just then my client arrived. I rushed out as soon as the session was over, to see if he or she was ok, but saw no trace of the bird.

The fate of the crow was, is, and always will be a mystery. I hope it recovered sufficiently to fly off and live out the rest of its mysterious life doing whatever it is crows do.


  1. I like mystery too, though I think you wonder more deeply than I do. I just accept a lot of things as they are without questioning them too much!

    As for the crow, if he was moving around when you saw him, that's a good sign. I bet he's out there somewhere.

  2. There is no way we humans can ever know it all. There is stuff out there that lies beyond our ability to perceive it. Like animals that only see in black and white, we don't have the sensory organs to see or detect everything.