Sunday, March 2, 2014

I await spring

Winter is a lonely season this year. It has been so cold, windy and stormy that my enthusiasm for getting out and about is subdued. I'm not the only one, I should say. The communal table of good vibes at the coffee shop is often empty when I walk past, a sad sight indeed. I'm not the only person staying in, under a blanket on the sofa, watching movies.

Another winter storm is scheduled to roll in later tonight. In preparation for it I made a big batch of hearty beef stew. I have red wine and chocolate, and a bunch of movies queued up - just in case we get snowed in. It's funny because Eastern Market, which is 3 blocks away from the chateau, is always open. It was even open during Snowmaggeddon four years ago. It's instinctual, though, to prepare for these events, hence the stew, wine and chocolate.

I wish there was someone I could invite to share the stew and red wine. I could invite my old housemates, but we've not been on a wavelength lately. We keep saying Let's get together, but then we never do. Likewise I'm not connecting with another couple whom I love dearly because I decided recently I no longer wish to tolerate their vicious brand of atheism. I don't care what they believe or don't believe. I'm tired of hearing them call me idiotic for believing in God. Life is short. Do I need to spend time with people who insult me? C'mon.

I'm not depressed, not in the least. Life is good. I'm healthy, happy, looking forward to Paris. But it has been, for me, a pretty lonely winter. I so look forward to spring!



  1. It's hard, I imagine, to be okay with being lonely when you long not to be. And I agree, trying to maintain a friendship with someone who thinks you're an idiot because you don't believe as they do is pointless. I'd share the beef stew and wine but I'm a tad distant. I'll make my own here and lift a glass in salute.

  2. I will drink a toast to you, Pauline!

    I'm an introvert - I don't need LOTS of company, but some company is nice. It helps me too in that I don't end up throwing out the leftovers after a few days.

  3. Adoring the window photo! I am sure you could pack up leftovers from your excellent kitchen and take it warmed in tin foil- to a shivering homeless person, angels all!