Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back to Reality

What is reality anyway? I've always wondered.

Whatever it is, I'm back from my lovely Reiki week reverie. It was a soft landing, I'm happy to report, a relief. What goes up, must come down, it's a law of nature. Sometimes I come down in a crash 'n burn fashion, sometimes more gracefully. This time: graceful. Next time? Who knows.

Midsummer has arrived in DC. The air is languid, but not yet hideously hot. The magnolias are blooming (see above). The pollen orgy is winding down. Now heat and humidity will settle over the landscape. After last winter, I almost look forward to it.

My only goal for the summer is to enjoy myself, to live my life. I will not take on any big projects nor cultivate ambitions to do anything big. I'm going to live my life this summer. Hoping the livin' is easy.

I'll cook and have friends over for dinner, sit at the Matchbox bar, see clients. I might get out of town to go up to my friend's cabin in W. Virginia, or maybe go to the beach for a couple of days. Other than that, I'll be in town, hanging out, walking around, taking pictures.

Life is good. Reality is good. I have no complaints.



  1. Walking around and taking pictures is the best way to spend time, as we both know. :)

  2. Gonna be a busy summer here moving the shop and completely vacating the city house.