Saturday, June 7, 2014


On the grounds of the Capitol, clover is in bloom.

Report from Washington DC: life is good.

I taught Reiki this week, always a good experience though there was something extra special about this week's class. The person I was teaching is perfectly suited to the art, already well versed in the language of energy, and pure of heart. I looked forward to the sessions, learned so much. What is better than work well done? It is the most satisfying experience for me.

Inspired by the teaching, my work with massage clients was focused and harmonious. And the synchronicities were abundant. Just as I was thinking of someone, they texted. Questions that popped up as I walked around (in the splendid weather) were immediately addressed. For instance I was thinking about long distance Reiki when I ran into a neighbor who asked if I could send long distance Reiki to someone in need. It was instantaneous. What an auspicious week.

Yesterday I was standing in line at the coffee shop, thinking about my soul retrieval at the Eiffel Tower, about how the clouds parted, after which light travelled down the tower, re-entered my being. I was thinking about my motto of the last couple of years: Let there be light, how I went to the City of Light and the light arrived. It surely did.

I photographed my soul retrieval. The ultimate selfie.

Just then, a woman standing behind me in line said, "I hope this doesn't sound weird - a rainbow just tapped you on the shoulder." She pointed to a strip of refracted light that was indeed touching my shoulder. It was exactly the right time of day and I was standing exactly in the right spot to make contact with the rainbow. AND there was someone in line behind me who felt compelled to tell me. This is not a normal thing to do in Washington DC, I should say. Extraordinary.

That was my week. A fabulous week. All is well in DC. Shalom.

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  1. That IS extraordinary. You have the capacity to weave magic out of the every day, Reya. (Or maybe I should say to perceive the magic that's already there.)