Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This 'n that

I didn't plan to go for a long walk today. I meant only to go to the bank, run a couple of errands. But it was a beautiful summer day with a nice breeze, not too hot, and I didn't have to work. Before I knew what was happening I found myself wandering around the mall, popping in and out of the museums, checking out the scene at the Folklife Festival which will open tomorrow.

This is the kind of summer I hope for, full of lazy wandering, lots of pictures, inspiration. It seems proper that I should avoid all projects. I tried - and failed - to paint my bookshelf. I am not handy, what was I thinking? Someone else is going to have to do it for me - I'll pay them of course.

I also ordered a tiny bistro set to put out on the terrace. It arrived today - oh. It's a very bilious green, not the nice soft green in the picture. At first I thought I should return it, then I thought I might paint it - BAD IDEA, given the epic fail with the book case - and at last I thought to myself, Maybe I'll get used to it. 


I've got a post about dragons rolling around in my head, one about healthy boundaries for the Chateau Seven blog. So far they are only rolling around. They are not fully formed. So be it. What's the rush?

Summer is here and the livin' is easy.


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