Friday, June 13, 2014


Taken a week ago.

Often when I talk about astrology, the people around me make that face, you know - that face that says, "I don't believe in that." As I've gotten older, more confidant, and bolder, I've taken to asking the person making the face, How much do you know about astrology? Inevitably they have to admit they know little or nothing about it, which does not keep them from sneering at me. I'm sure there are exceptions, people who have studied astrology but still reject it, though I haven't met any of them.

Astronomy and astrology used to be one and the same, until the bloody Age of Enlightment, when they went their separate ways. I believe both the art of astrology and the science of astronomy suffered from the split. Neither is whole any longer. It's a shame.

Today is the full moon, aligned with the galactic center. Astrologers have only just begun to think about a language to describe the impact of this kind of alignment since it hasn't been that long that we even knew where the galactic center was. Astronomers are trying to imagine what it's like at the center of the whirling spiral of galaxies. They imagine a huge black hole in there. Wow! Now that we know where it is, both astronomers and astrologers wish to understand it.

Astronomers seek to understand the mechanics of the galactic center, the physics of it. Astrology involves poetry. We astrologers seek a language to describe the impact. As always, that language is elusive.

The Friday the 13th part of today is, of course, completely human-made. The idea of Friday the 13th flutters through most American minds one way or another (whether we think it's lucky or unlucky, I mean.) It's an auspicious day for me since I was born on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th, though human-invented, packs a wallop. Full moons, by virtue of their appearance, as well as the way they tug on us, always magnify the energy. Yes, they tug on us, just as they push and pull the tides. We aren't as large as the oceans, of course, but we feel it, we surely do.

A full moon lined up with the galactic center must certainly up the ante in some way.

I'm feeling it, definitely. There's a sharpness to my energy I don't normally sense. I walked a lot faster this morning than I usually do. My eyes were darting about, rather than gazing contemplatively. I felt more like a bird than a woman. Oh man, the moon makes me nuts!

Looking forward to working today; it'll be good to have somewhere to focus the abundance of light and energy. Trying to take it easy today, a challenge.

My mantra: Shalom.


  1. I had a totally lazy day today. Even took a nap, something almost unheard of with me.

  2. As you know, I'm not really an astrology believer, but I can appreciate the poetry of it. I can see that it involves some artistry and some efforts to interpret our world. I think it's a lot like religion in that regard. It's also fun!

    The science of astronomy, on the other hand, I can accept as true -- even though admittedly there's a lot we still don't know. (We'll probably NEVER know everything!) I'm just a rational guy at heart. :)