Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Gentle Snow

OK so I was wrong about the snow. It happens, especially to me. I grew up in the midwest and am supposed to be great at predicting the weather, but as I always say, the weather predicts me.

Another thing I say about the weather in the American midatlantic is that it is so expressive! The first polar vortex was just a mean deep freeze. We got no snow, and thank god no ice or sleet, both of which never help anything. Ice is pretty, but treacherous, like a charming villain in a movie.

What we got with this storm was beautiful, sparkly, light as a feather snow. I went out repeatedly to sweep the front walk. Most of the day what fell onto my coat while I was sweeping were tiny stars. It was a great snow, a loving, purifying, cleansing, healing snow. I'm with the Inuit - there should be many words for snow. A snowstorm can be scary, boring, beautiful and inspiring or downright depressing. Please don't ask me to explain why or how I know this. Every snow feels distinct in the Reyaverse, and this snow is a very kind snow.

In spite of the snow's beneficence, it's bitterly cold and fiercely windy. Going out for a walk is not much fun. I took a few pictures today but mostly bounced off the walls inside the chateau, where cabin fever is taking hold. It's supposed to warm up this weekend. I hope so.

When spring comes this year I will be mad with happiness. In the meantime I will hunker down and stop complaining. I'm listening to music, candles are burning. In a little while I'll have some of the vegetable chipotle black bean chili I made yesterday, drink a glass of red wine, watch a movie.

I seriously have nothing to complain about! Shalom.


  1. No complaints, that is for sure, Your photos are really beauties. No snow here this year so far and not likely to have any. I like how snow changes the landscape, how it makes my car look like a gumdrop, I like the change. Brief, however, keep it brief. So we are slogging though a temperate winter, bland, chilly, damp,dark. The sun came out for a few minutes , blinded us like moles surfacing!

  2. Sometimes I walk even in the fierce cold (though in England the cold is never fierce -- I'm talking more about my NYC years). It just helps to get outside! I do love your fence photos. :)

  3. The weather in the Pacific Northwest was really hard on me. I couldn't handle the low overcast and all that rain. I fear London would be similarly hard.

    I love sunshine, but mostly I love weather. We get plenty of it here!