Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gotta Dance

This is a true story.

I had a client a few years ago who, after years of ignoring it, opened the door to his attic one day and cleaned house. Among the many things he decided to let go of was his crystal collection. He had played around with healing, taken classes, and in the process acquired a rather large box of quartz crystals. He decided to give them to me because he never touched them. They were just gathering dust up there, had been for years.

It was a wonderful present! I cleaned them energetically and physically, soaked them in salt water, fresh cold water and sunlight. I smudged them, put them in the freezer for awhile, wrapped them in cloth and let them rest. I charged them with Reiki. Then I started giving them away. The distribution process was haphazard. I handed them out to clients, friends, neighbors, but in a random manner. I let my intuition guide me. I asked the crystals with whom they wanted to end up. I even mailed a few to far flung friends. I loved bestowing the crystals. It felt like a great honor.

In the midst of working with these crystals it came to me that I was enacting a sacred dance. I was aspecting a cirrus cloud when it rains ice crystals. It was rather incredible, a great piece of performance art as well as sacred dance.

Right now I'm in the middle of another such project. I didn't plan to end up with a huge bay leaf wreath, but somehow it happened that soon after I recovered from the flu, there it was, a bountiful and fragrant wreath, hanging on my door. It got too cold to leave it hanging on the door. I had to bring it indoors during the blasts of Arctic weather. The indoor heat and dry air dried the leaves quickly. There were a LOT of leaves on that wreath, ready all at once to dive into a soup pot. Alarmed, I went into a frenzy leaf plucking. I plucked like a mad woman, filled a dozen baggies with them. At least a dozen.

And now I'm giving them away. I have a huge jar of leaves for myself, but I am just one person in this tiny apartment. I don't need a bushel of bay leaves. I've handed out bags of leaves in a random manner similar to the way it worked with the crystals. I'm giving them to clients, neighbors I happen to run into, that sort of thing. As before, I've mailed a few bags of leaves to people who live elsewhere.

It's a similar dance, though this time I'm not aspecting a cirrus cloud of course. The Voice in the Shower said this morning that I'm doing a dance of solar radiance. I am a human being, unable - of course - to radiate sunbeams. Hence the bay leaves.

Again a sacred dance, also a top notch piece of performance art. I'm pleased. The one nagging thought that keeps coming up has to do with the poor fellow who gave me his crystals. He committed suicide a few months after giving away most of the stuff in his attic. The metaphor was impossible to ignore. I always wondered if somehow those dusty crystals were keeping him from going off the deep end. I will never know. I hope his spirit found healing after he left his body, I surely do.

Since the bay leaves I'm radiating came from Williams Sonoma, I'm not worried that any humans or animals will be injured in the midst of this dance. Thank god!


  1. This made me smile. As for your friend and his crystals. He had already made up his mind before he gave them away. You just completed the dispersion he started.

  2. Yes, I agree with Ellen. You gave me a quartz crystal -- was it one of his? I still have it in my shadowbox. Good luck with the bay leaves! :)