Sunday, January 26, 2014


January feels like it is dragging its heels. Part of that has to do with my now vamoosed case of the flu. But this cold weather is contributing, to be sure. One thing I'm thinking about this morning is that cold slows everything, including time. I know there is no science to substantiate it, but it seems true.

Since it has been unpleasant to walk around, I have decided to dance in alignment with the situation by camping out on my sofa, watching movies. I'm at the tail end of a serious Cary Grant movie bender. I don't need that handsome face for medicinal reasons anymore. Now I'm watching these movies just for fun. He was in a lot of terrible as well as wonderful movies. He certainly worked hard!

Once upon a time I got through winter by watching Hugh Grant movies. It was a holiday season tradition for me, helped me tolerate the season as a single person with no kids and far-flung family. The Hugh Grant movies were medicinal.

I think I've spiraled to a deeper level of whatever it is these movies do for me this year by shifting to Cary Grant. He's the gold standard of whatever medicine I crave at this time of year. Do you know what I'm talking about?

This isn't particularly interesting to think about, but it's all I've got this morning. Oh these January doldrums! I actually think it's healing to take time off from everything sometimes - even inspiration. Soon enough it will warm up a little. I just need to chill out for a few more weeks. I can do this.

We're due for another arctic blast this week. Time will move slowly, my mind will be a blank. I'm grateful that Cary Grant made so many movies.



  1. I find this interesting - here I was thinking January has simply sped by. Just yesterday I was anticipating the holidays, the day before that I was harvesting my garden... you see how it goes. Time has not slowed for me at all. Perhaps it is because I'm always (or seem to be) on the road, either coming or going. And as time is such an elusive concept, perhaps there never will be scientific evidence to support your theory of cold slowing time, but that doesn't mean your theory is incorrect. After all, you're the one observing your own time, yes?

  2. Time is subjective, that is for sure!

  3. January is crawling along for me, too. I haven't resorted to Cary Grant, yet! I've never understood his appeal. Just like Clark Gable, another mysterious movie idol. What ever did people see in them? Young Marlon Brando, OK; James Dean, OK; Rock Hudson, yes -- but those two, nope.