Monday, July 28, 2014

Due Diligence New Moon Dreaming

The new moon, new technically this past Saturday, but still very young by any account, is a Very Auspicious Moon. It's a great new moon on which to hang wishes and dreams.

Hence I've been spinning dreams, lots of dreams about things I believe I want. Because I've been reading Grimm's fairytales lately, I have been mindful not to prick my finger on the dream wheel, no matter how appealing my dreams have been.

Whatever you do, if you spin, do NOT prick your finger on the spindle. Do not! Or else.

This morning I decided to gaze at clouds and let the dream come to me. Yes, I was spinning, though it wasn't as consciously directed. It was a stream-of-consciousness dream thread that spun out of the nowhere, or so it seemed. I went into a trance state in which the dream unfolded right before my inner eye. It was like watching a movie.

Impromptu, surprising visions that come from the nowhere is what we shamans call "true seeing" or at least one my teachers said so. It involves letting go of the agenda, whatever that may be. The rules of how and what to dream about, what to wish for, can be swept under the rug while the true seeing unfolds.

Here's the true seeing dream:

I wake up. I'm comfortable, tucked into a nice bed. The sun is shining through the window. I am so old! I take time to stretch before getting up. I am mindful of my very old body. I can hear people downstairs. I smell coffee brewing. I go downstairs. It's an eat-in kitchen with a large table. Sunlight shines in through the windows and screen door. There's a dog sleeping on the floor on an oval shaped braided rug. Air is moving - oh - yes there are ceiling fans. I pour coffee, sit at the table. The others, 2 or 3 of them, are on their devices. I get on my device, too. It's a lovely quiet. The only thing I can hear is the song of the dog's snoring.

Now I'm in the garden. Others are working here, too.
Now I'm in my "studio," a very small room where I draw, paint, write and listen to music. This is my room, there are no others here. I think it's a very small shack behind the house. There's a massage table set up at one end of the room. I believe I still work a little bit in this dream. I love that.

I don't hear traffic or sirens. Good lord, I realize, this must be out in the country. I'm such an urban person, except not in this dream.

Now I'm on the dock on the lake. I see other houses now. The lake stretches out and around a corner. Our dock is in a cove. There's a funky canoe, a couple of kayaks on the dock. The kayaks are newer and nicer.

I look up and see puffy summer clouds.

Well my goodness, what a dream! I am so in favor of this dream. May it be so!

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