Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Put your foot in it, Reya

I took such a nice walk before it got hot today, ran errands such as going to the bank, etc. All along the way I saw blessings underfoot, including these stepping stones in a front yard on East Capitol street and the chalked blessing at Eastern Market.

Tra-la. A little while later I was taking a picture of a fig, looking straight up into a tree, not paying attention. I slipped off the curb and twisted my ankle. Blessings underfoot, eh? Oh dear.

Well, it was just stupid, but it happens sometimes. My ankle is not terribly swollen. I cancelled my clients, never a happy thing for them or for me. Now my foot is up on a pillow, and I will spend the rest of the day doing a whole lot of nothing. Sometimes that's the best idea. Sometimes it is the only option.

Though I feel idiotic, I will make the best of it, watch movies or binge watch Endeavor. I've seen them all but I can watch them again anytime. Shaun Evans is magnificent as the young Morse. I'm reading a book about the geographical history of the French language, very cool. The house is clean enough that it won't bother me to gaze around. I'll listen to music, maybe, too. And hobble from the sofa to the kitchen, back again.

I even took an Advil today, something I hardly ever do. It can't hurt, right?

It's funny that this morning I was reading about today's intense astrology. The person writing, bless her heart, described today's energy as a "gentle hurricane."

Is there such a thing as a gentle hurricane? I guess not.

Oh well.

Trying not to complain. After all, I'll only be an invalid for a day or so. Some people can't walk at all. So I'm actually lucky and freshly reminded that when I'm taking pictures, I need to pay attention. Oh yeah.



  1. Actually it was a gentle hurricane. I'm already on the mend.

  2. So glad to read that your ankle is improving. Gosh you took some nice pics today, especially of things underfoot.

  3. Oh no! Hope your ankle feels better. Glad to hear it seems to be improving already.

  4. beautiful cone flowers. you did remember to ice it, right, as well as elevate it?