Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep the faith, baby

I say it all the time, might as well say it again: this period of time feels just like the sixties. It's incredible to have lived through two periods of social and cultural upheaval and change. Exciting and alarming because there's always chaos during times like this, always.

Thankful that in my life at this precise moment in time, the dust has more or less settled. I've passed through the rite of croning and now I'm back to my modest ambitions for this summer: see clients, cook for friends, walk around, take pictures.

I could get myself very worked up about the crashed plane in Ukraine, about the violence in Gaza, the drought in California, the myriad personal problems people around me are experiencing. Once upon a time I fed on that kind of crazy intense energy. It's hard to remember why that was appealing, once upon a time. Hmmm.

As a very young crone, my duty - as I see it - is to remain as calm and grounded as is possible instead of freaking out, blaming, or seething. I remember when it felt like the world was turning upside down in the sixties. Things changed forever, but the world kept turning. Until I see evidence that points to something other than that, I'm going to assume these crazy times will settle just as we settled after the sixties, into a new way of thinking and living.

Every day this week there is a major astrological configuration. This will be an eventful week amongst the planets and stars. Complicated. Epic. Also perhaps a big week for we individuals. Not everyone will feel it and god bless them!

For those of us tuned in: do not duck, do not cover. Do not hide. Put your feet on the ground, let the energy smooth your sharp edges. If you can afford it, be compassionate. Remain curious. Open your heart.

May all global and personal tragedies unwind without spinning out of control. May sanity reign. Onwards and upwards. May it be so. Shalom!

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