Friday, July 11, 2014

Make me one with everything

As above, so below.

In the Reyaverse, my environment is no different than my internal life. Life is a sacred drama, a dream in which all the people, animals and circumstances are grist for the mill of my personal unfolding. This is true even though these people, animals and circumstances are simply going about their own business, living out their lives. Most of them have no idea about the dream of my life, nor do they care - why should they?

It's a paradox that they're following their own paths, and yet they are likewise cast in the dream of my life. Paradox is truth.

One dream technique I learned a long time ago involves telling the dream in present tense, adding the words "part of me" after every noun, the words "ego part of me" after the words "me" and "I." The technique can be clunky, but certainly sheds light on my dream life. My dreams are multi-leveled and can refer to many things external to the Reya Dramaverse, but deep down they always show me what's ongoing in my heart.

Hence when people, animals, and circumstances come and go from my life, I tend to wonder what that reflects, because: life is a dream. It surely is!

I recently said goodbye to a long-term client. It came about suddenly but with great clarity, that it was time to say goodbye. What part of me has just dissolved and fallen away? What have I just shed? What is this rite of passage reflecting within me professionally and personally? I'm wondering, because it's a really big deal.

What did my adventure with the Big Daddy family of mockingbirds reflect? What exactly is the Big Daddy part of myself? If phrased a certain way, the nesting and hatching and fledging of the young mockingbirds comes across quite biblical. I even come into the saga as the Eve type character with the snake. (Right after the babies hatched, I tried to water the garden with the hose. Big Daddy came after me. His energy field puffed up to Jurassic Park size, and he was relentless, a kamikaze bomber. He terrified me. I fought back, spritzing him with water which only seemed to strengthen his resolve. Finally I retreated. After that he sat at the top of the weeping spruce for an hour, panting - if it's possible for a bird to pant. His beak opened and closed, his tail went up and down, but he made no sound. He was so worked up. After awhile it occurred to me that he must have thought the hose was a snake. The nest was close to the ground. Of course. Forehead slap.)

It was a great lesson.

Big Daddy, after our epic battle.

After that, I used the watering can. There was peace on the terrace.

There was no hostility in the violent encounter. He had to do what he had to do, I had to defend myself. It was an epic battle, not only like the serpent in the garden of Eden, but like a Godzilla movie or maybe a knight slaying a dragon. It was mythic.

There is no hostility in the violent encounter part of myself. The Big Daddy part of myself has to do what it has to do. The ego part of myself must defend itself. It is an epic battle part of myself, not only like the serpent in the garden of Eden part of myself, but like the Godzilla movie part of myself or maybe the knight slaying a dragon part of myself. The circumstances are mythic. 

See how interesting the dream technique is? Fun to think about while waiting for the Metro train. It was after that when Big Daddy and I came to an understanding. It was then we entered into relationship. So interesting!

One thing I know for certain about the mockingbirds is that I'll be thinking about it for a long time. I surely will. No less than the Big Daddy episode, I will be thinking about what it means to the massage therapist/healer part of myself to say goodbye to this client part of myself. Bet on it.

I'm in awe of this summer. It's a powerful summer, epic, life changing. I honor the summer of 2014 part of myself. It isn't gentle, as I'd hoped. Oh well.


  1. That is an interesting dream technique, though it would require some patience to sift through all those layers of additional terminology. :) Is Big Daddy gone now?

    1. Big Daddy and the mom and younguns hang out in the neighborhood. He and I greet each other by tilting our heads to the side, then nodding. I tried nodding at a random mock down by the Capitol but it did not respond. Big Daddy and I have a relationship. It's so interesting.

  2. humans think that other life forms cannot distinguish between individuals, but then humans are pretty convinced of their superiority in the scheme of life. I wonder if the other creatures are as arrogant in their view of the world as are humans. obviously birds can differentiate between individuals of other species.

    1. I always wonder about that, too, Ellen. I especially wonder if our cousins in the animal kingdom judge themselves as harshly as we do. Do you think?