Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paris is the Cary Grant of cities. --Voice in the Shower

Montmartre, where I'll live for a week at the end of April.

I have rented a flat in Montmartre for my week in Paris, halfway up the hill, two blocks uphill from Abbesses Metro stop. I have my flight itinerary on the iPhone Air France app. I paid for leg room on the way home, may buckle and throw more money at the red eye flight over. so I can at least cross and uncross my legs. What I'm thinking is, I'll be excited and won't notice that I can't feel my legs after a few hours. I arrive in Paris at 5:45 a.m. Will it really make any difference if I have leg room?

On the way back, it will be different. I'll be coming back to "real life," whatever that means.

It would be weird, wouldn't it, to be thinking of anything except my dream trip to Paris, a trip that appears as if it will at last come true? Well, wouldn't it?


  1. Your excitement is contagious. Whenever I visit other countries I think, "All this is going on while I go to work?" It reminds me that the world is full of possibilities and I experience so much more if only I make the decision to do it. April in Paris!

  2. YES. It's like faraway cities exist outside of time. I felt like that when i was in India, especially.

  3. One week a tease, isn't it...Glad you are going, wish it was for longer, just because- PARIS!!!