Monday, February 24, 2014

See a vision

I'm still thinking about, and in awe of, whatever it was that passed over DC on Saturday. It was quite a celestial dignitary. All the pictures here today are of the combination of clouds and sun dogs that graced the sky on a beautiful, unnaturally warm February day.

Watching this magnificent being I was reminded of the only time I ever saw the Northern Lights. It was not a spectacular showing, I should say right off the bat. It was not nearly as beautiful as Saturday's celestial dignitary. But it was still beautiful - and powerful. The ritual at witch camp that evening involved a walking labyrinth. The campers walked in and out of the labyrinth while we priestesses stood at various locations, whispering Very Powerful messages in their ears as they passed us. It was my task to whisper, "See a vision" to each ritual participant. I probably said it 100 times. By the end of the ritual, I was as entranced as the campers. What a mantra! What a chant! See a vision. In some way, the mantra settled into my being. It "took." I've been seeing visions ever since!

When the ritual ended, a bunch of us sat outside for awhile gazing up at the sky over British Columbia. The stars were beautiful but there was something else, cloud like but certainly not a cloud. One of the Canadians confirmed it was the aurora borealis I was seeing. See a vision - indeed!

Last summer at Lake Canandaigua, I saw the Milky Way in technicolor. It was so dark where we were - out in the boonies - and the moon was dark, too. It was 3D I tell you. I'm sure I've never seen it so clearly before.

Clouds, stars, sky. There's almost never a time when looking up doesn't inspire or provoke insights of many different flavors. It is a wild blue yonder for sure! Want to see a vision? Look up!


  1. Wow! That IS a magical sky! I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it!

    I know I've said this before, but one of the things I've missed most when living in big cities is having the opportunity to look up and see stars.

  2. Me too! But I'm so much an urban person. How would I live outside the city?