Friday, February 21, 2014

Strange Days

It's a strange day astrologically, also a strange day in Washington DC. It is far warmer than it has been in months, stormy, turbulent and humid. Weird! The rain will wash away the remnants of the snow, but I wish I could send it to California where they really need it.

The weather above DC, as well as the conditions out there among the planets and stars, is unsettled. Naturally I feel unsettled, too. Spooked might be a better adjective.

This, too, shall pass. The planets will wander away from their current positions, the weather will pass through. No matter what is happening, it will not last forever is a piece of advice I've received from the Voice in the Shower many times. Oh yeah.

While I wait for the wave to pass, I will tuck into my practices, that is, feel my feet on the floor and the take note of the pull of gravity. I will breathe in and out of my heart, let myself be centered and calm. Even on a stormy day with tornado watches and crazy astrology, I can be gentle. This will help not only me but the clients I'm about to see this afternoon.

I'm not gentle all the time, of course, even now, even after all the practice. We are moody, soulful beings enacting the sacred dramas of our lives. No one can always be calm and gentle. I bet even the Dalai Lama has days when he struggles.

A perfect and everlasting state of grace is not an option, but I have to try, particularly on crazy, stormy days at the very end of winter.



  1. Remembering that nothing is permanent has given me quite a bit of comfort in stressful times and helped me appreciate the wonderful moments even more. I have captured blissful moments in my memory.

    At the moment, I feel like I need a slap on the face or a splash of cold water. I know it's coming.

  2. You can wake up without the slap on the face, you know. Jump in.

  3. hmmmm....the voice in my shower has been saying "It's only temporary".....looking forward to seeing what that means for me!

  4. Thanks for sending your water vibes our way. Maybe with that and my new interest in dowsing we can break the drought.

    I am so glad you are back to blogging and I'll start visiting regularly again and will update the link to your new one.